Living Dead Dolls: Series 30 - Exclusive Variant Set

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Step right up and meet Wurm–the limbless wonder! A new doll joins the Living Dead Doll’s twisted carnival of sideshow freaks! That’s right this limited edition set features not only new designs of the five original characters but an all new 6th Doll!! Wurm comes direct from his travels across the globe where he performed for royalty, and now he returns to us for your amazement.

Behold the twisted horror of:
Lydia the Lobster Girl
The Fee Jee Mermaid
Lucy the Geek

This Limited Edition Variant Set is presented here, alive yet dead in defiance of the laws of man and nature, all in one tent! We've scoured the furthest corners of the known world to bring you the most horrifying, spine-tingling freaks that have ever walked, crawled, or swam across the Earth! 

Brand Mezco Toys
Condition New

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